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West Cost Optical: 5 Qualities That Make a Good LASIK Candidate

Many of our patients have heard about the LASIK procedure and want to know more about how LASIK can reduce or eliminate the need for vision correction. An abbreviation for “laser in situ keratomileusis,” LASIK requires a trained eye surgeon to cut a flap in the cornea and then use a laser to reshape the cornea to improve vision. […]

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Anti-Reflective Coating in Eyeglasses: Why Our Surrey Eye Care Center Recommends Them for Everyone

Despite their slightly higher price, anti-reflective coated lenses, offer plenty of benefits that cheaper alternatives don’t provide. Our head optometrist and optician at our Surrey eye care center have seen the benefits that come with anti-reflective eyeglasses first-hand, all of which make the higher price more than worth it for those willing to invest. If […]

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Extended by the manufacturer- Surrey Eye Care Center West Coast Optical’s 2-for-1 Special on Transitions Lenses with Anti-Reflection Coating

Surrey, British Columbia – November 30, 2014 – Eye care center West Coast Optical is offering residents of Surrey, Langley, White Rock and Aldergrove a free pair of polarized prescription sunglasses with Crizal Sun UV anti-reflection coating with the purchase of any frames with transition lenses that have Crizal anti-reflection coating. This special has been […]

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West Coast Optical Eye Care Center Offers Clients a Complete Suite of Education and Eye Testing Services

Finding a precisely-fitting and comfortable pair of frames can be a challenge for the many individuals who wear eyeglasses across Canada. There are many unique styles to select from within the current marketplace, and it takes a trained eye and years of experience to help glasses wearers refine their search and locate the requisite product […]

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Eye Care Center, West Coast Optical, Offers a Limited-Time Deal on Transitions and Polarized Sunglasses

Leading Surrey, BC eye care center, West Coast Optical is now inviting eyeglasses wearers to review their latest offer on transitions and polarized sunglasses. The company is now offering a free pair of polarized prescription sunglasses to customers that purchase frames and any transitions lenses with Crizal anti-reflection coating. It’s a special offer that holds […]

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