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Can An Optometrist Treat Eye Infections?

A young girl using her finger to touch just below her swollen, infected right eye

Treatment for Eye Infections Optometrists are trained to understand how vision works, including recognizing eye disease, vision problems, and eye injuries. Regular eye exams help optometrists diagnose changes to vision and eye health. In addition to observing your eye health, optometrists can also treat many health conditions affecting eye structures and tissue. One common type […]

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West Coast Optical Named the 2015 Reader’s Choice Favourite Eye Care Company by the Langley Times

For those working with eye care professionals to protect their sight, they must place their trust in the specialist. They require the services of an optometrist that has been widely recommended within their local community and is respected within their industry for their years of dedication to leading-class eye care. Recently named the 2015 Reader’s […]

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West Coast Optical Explains the Role Your Optometrist Plays in Your Health Care

Some confusion exists between the terms “optometrist”, “ophthalmologist”, and the good old-fashioned “eye doctor.” Technically, the two first terms are classifications of types of eye doctors. The difference is that the primary duty of an optometrist is to prescribe glasses and contact lenses and evaluate the general visual health of his patients. An ophthalmologist, on the […]

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Surrey Optometrist at West Coast Optical Gives Back to the Community through Eyeglass Donations

Surrey, British Columbia – December 15, 2014 – West Coast Optical is taking eyeglass donations from anybody that wants to help them in their mission to give back to the community. Head Surrey optometrist Dr. Grace Wong will ensure that your unwanted glasses are sent to third-world countries with a need for eyewear due to […]

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Speak with an Optometrist at West Coast Optical for Professional Services at Cost-Effective Pricing

Today’s Canadian consumer requires professional products and services at cost-effective pricing from their local businesses. This is especially true when working with companies that are providing a vital service such as optical care. While many vision care companies are continually raising their prices in response to the increased demand of the market, the team at […]

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