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Can I Use My Eyeglass Prescription for Contact Lenses?

Topdown view of a prescription corrected eyewear order form surrounded by glasses and various optical tools.

Glasses can provide you with clear vision, but what happens if you want contact lenses? Can you use your current prescription to get contacts? The answer is more complex than you think.  Glasses and contacts are similar, but they have a few key differences in how prescriptions work. Continue reading to learn more, including if […]

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Are Blue Eyes More Sensitive to the Sun?

A man with a beard wearing stylish sunglasses.

Who would think that something like our eye colour could determine how safe we are in the sun? Well, blue eyes—along with other light colours like grey or green—are more sensitive to damage from the sun. With that said, darker colours aren’t immune to damage, so everyone should prioritize protecting their eyes when outdoors—regardless of […]

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Myopia vs. Hyperopia: What’s The Difference?

A man and his son wearing glasses and laying on the floor laughing.

When it comes to vision, not all eyes see alike. Myopia and hyperopia impact millions of people across the globe, causing poor vision at various distances. Although myopia and hyperopia are the same type of eye problem—they’re both refractive errors—they have a significant difference. Myopia primarily affects the distant vision, and hyperopia affects the close-up […]

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Are Polarized Sunglasses Better For Your Eyes?

A person with short dark blonde hair smiles on a beach. They are wearing polarized sunglasses and a blue and white striped shirt.

Polarized sunglasses have gained popularity in recent years, with many claiming that they are better for your eyes than regular sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses have a special filter that blocks horizontal light waves, reducing glare and improving vision.  Polarized sunglasses can improve visual clarity and comfort by filtering out harsh glare and reflections to reduce eye […]

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