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West Coast Optical Explain Three Benefits of Scheduling Regular Appointments with an Optician

Most glasses wearers know that they must see their optician annually to ensure their prescription is up to-date and to undergo diagnostic care for vision care issues. But the general population might also consider visiting an optician each year as they grow older. This is especially important for those experiencing slight vision issues, as this […]

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West Coast Optical Introduces Special Offers on Optician Care Services

Surrey, BC-based provider of optician services, West Coat Optical is introducing a new selection of special offers to thank their clients for choosing their business. An example of the special offers now available through West Coast Optical is their 2-for-the-price-of-1 offer on transitions polarized lenses and computer glasses. This offer will ensure clients receive a […]

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West Cost Optical: 5 Qualities That Make a Good LASIK Candidate

Many of our patients have heard about the LASIK procedure and want to know more about how LASIK can reduce or eliminate the need for vision correction. An abbreviation for “laser in situ keratomileusis,” LASIK requires a trained eye surgeon to cut a flap in the cornea and then use a laser to reshape the cornea to improve vision. […]

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West Coast Optical Explains the Role Your Optometrist Plays in Your Health Care

Some confusion exists between the terms “optometrist”, “ophthalmologist”, and the good old-fashioned “eye doctor.” Technically, the two first terms are classifications of types of eye doctors. The difference is that the primary duty of an optometrist is to prescribe glasses and contact lenses and evaluate the general visual health of his patients. An ophthalmologist, on the […]

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Improve the Way Your Eyes Both Look & See with Coloured Contact Lenses from West Coast Optical

Contact lenses have undergone many amazing advancements over the years but none are more fun than colour changing contact lenses.  From booking a gig to simply preferring a different eye color, there are many reasons people purchase coloured contacts. After all, people change their hair colour all the time, so why not change their eye […]

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